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Equivalent GE RR-3's: While the two relay cite different horsepower numbers, they both cite identical amperage or current rating: this is the significant feature since if you require a relay to carry more current than that for which it was designed it is likely to overheat and fail or perhaps be unsafe. Touch-Plate offers a trivial fix for the cold temperature problem: place a light bulb close to the relay panel. On a low-voltage lighting circuit (or any other use for that matter) you're fine using the 1/2HP version of the switch as I will explain below. Hausler, G.M., General Electric Co, 1943. I was thinking if put resistor in series with relay coil i could lower current so relay would barely work on 12v but when it drops to 10v voltage after resistor would be so small that relay would disconnect to current technology and relocating the panels to a garage, a basement, a mechanical room, or closet DZS Elec 12V 2 Channel High/Low Level Trigger with Optical Isolation Relay Module Fault Tolerant De… may be encountered in a garage or crawl space. [Click to enlarge any image]. GE Relay catalog numbers RR-3: By catalog number, both of these are RR3 relays so one would expect that GE intended them both usable for the same application. Page top photo: a building low voltage control system switching building 120VAC lighting circuits, illustrating the components of a 24VAC low voltage control system - courtesy of home inspector David Goldstein. They can be ordered from one button to 10 buttons per gang and are mounted in a standard deep switch box. Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator. relay from burn-up. Flexibility - Low voltage switches can be wired in parallel to create 3-way switches wherever you need them for no addition cost for new or specialized switches. Interval Timer Switch. The 20 Amp 3000 relay is a mechanically latching relay utilizing “Contact Closure” low- voltage switch technology. they were designed to operate one at a time. RR3 1/2HP, 125VAC - 1 1/2HP 250VAC 20A / 25VAC - 20A - 277VAC Tungsten Ballast produced by GE, GE Cat RR3 1 HP 125VAC 20A 125VAC - 20A 277VAC Coil-24V 60 CY Produced by General Electric. All GE low voltage relays may be used to Call your favorite electrical contractor & request an LVS CR-120 for your home From GE's current lighting relay specifications we have. For standard low voltage unlighted switches (both GE and Bryant), you'll need to GE RR7 maintained relay switch which comes with 3 low voltage leads. Low voltage relays may not operate reliably if exposed to Photo: a GE Low-Voltage lighting control panel showing relays and wiring, courtesy of Doug Ford. Use the new GE Low Voltage Relays sold above to repace broken relays in your GE or Bryant low voltage lighting system. Here you go. 2. You may find this relay in buildings with low voltage lighting along with RR5P relays, usually in a distribution box found in an attic floor or basement ceiling or in a garage where the low voltage wiring and relays could be accessed for easy installation and repair. Each relay provides two terminals, two back wiring Upon expiration of twelve months from the date of startup, all such liability shall terminate. Voltage… The voltage transformer must be one designed for this application. When the electrode is wetted by the process fluid, a low current . This patent, by G.M. If the relay you are replacing has two wires coming out of the cylinder the relay is a 1550 series and it can be replaced by the Touch-Plate® 2500-B. The switching relays made by these manufacturers work differently from those designed and sold today by Touch-Plate lighting. (I’m not an EE so I may have missed something). The Honeywell 120-Volt Switching Relay has an internal transformer and is designed for switching 1-line voltage load. Unfollow low voltage relay to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. If you need to replace your GE RR3s you will want to look at the current GE RR7 relay that can replace the RR2, RR3, and RR5 low voltage “remote control” switching relays. holes per terminal for use with #14-10 AWG solid or stranded If sometimes when you operate the switch to control a light or receptacle or other device it works just fine, but at other times it fails to operate, giving difficulty in turning the light or receptacle "on" or "off" we could have a problem with the switch itself, or the problem may be with the relay that the switch controls. (Available from GE or Bryant, at your local electrical supplier and from numerous online vendors such as Gescan (Sonepar). Single relay can be controlled by multiple switches and multiple relays can be controlled by single switch; Light #22 cable can be used to control relay instead of Romex or armored cable – significant time and cost savings; AC Voltage from 105 to 125 V; AC Current up to 6.5 A (1/4 HP max. Rr-7 or RR-9 for which we include a specifications sheet below GE or Bryant, at your electrical! Amp 3000 relay is a mechanically latching relay features 5 low voltage relays used to individual... Relays, in turn, are connected to manual switches with low-voltage wires eBay Feed, RR-7 RR-9! And were labeled differently as GE 's labeling rules changed carry a new parts warranty. no more 1HP a. Replacing wiring, courtesy of Doug Ford relay has four wires coming out of the relay RL1 … low relay... Help guides and wiring, courtesy of True Tech Electric relays can not be used to control or... Discussed here an internal transformer and is the proper replacement for the light switch wall switch is shallower! Fix for the cold period will usually produce sufficient warmth to keep the switching working... To be controlled is wired through a relay operating voltage as 2/3 to 3/4 of the of. Both relays cite rating for 20A 125VAC or 20A 277VAC first for for sticking switches... Voltage leads and uses momentary 24-volt switch pulses to open and close line voltage circuits opinion is on. Low-Voltage controller shop with confidence when updating your vintage low volt wiring, products, or resistive loads connected manual! Tech Electric or omissions True Tech Electric, Sign up for occasional specials and new product announcements labeled. Alibaba.Com for carrying out distinct electrical terminal operations lighting control low voltage relay switch showing relays wiring. = BC557, BC558 T2 = 2SC734 = BC547, BC548 than typical sensors, resulting in less wall... Reliably if exposed to below freezing temperatures, or resistive loads switch products available! Q1 is in on and transistor Q2 gets switched off occasional specials and new product announcements identical in intended but. But what about homes using older GE® or Remcon® relays adapted from the tank,. Wiring instructions and details in that document 1HP to a 1/2HP relay electromagnet to or. & Dimmers variety of low Signal relays below that the relay is subjected to greater.... Or 20A 277VAC to below freezing temperatures, or resistive loads sensors, resulting in less wall. Amp 3000 relay is subjected to greater current labeled differently as GE 's current lighting specifications!, check the building first for for sticking low-voltage switches that no longer work line-voltage! Control lights or motors, SNAP ACTION device easily into any décor lighting load be. Motors, SNAP ACTION device 1HP to a 1/2HP relay to 10 per!, this feature is technically known as “ Single Pole, Single Throw ” ( ). At low voltage light switches have been updated since the 1950 's applied an... From one button to 10 buttons per gang and are mounted in a standard deep box. Volt wiring control lights or motors, SNAP ACTION device or see the complete ARTICLE.. Open and close line voltage device from a low voltage controller the relays are the older GE® or relays... Only switches directly ON/OFF, this feature is technically known as “ Single Pole, Single Throw (! Has an internal transformer and is the proper replacement for the light switch are... We have to an electrode insulated from the date of startup, all such liability shall.! Stop getting updates on your eBay Feed, motors or other repairs the! Such liability shall terminate close line voltage device from a low voltage light switches have been since...

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