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Redesigned in 2014 and 2015. Elizabeth Furthermore, all tender engines now receive a four wheeled tender while models with once moving bogies, all gained static structures. Features pop-out snakes. Includes Thomas Shooting Star Gordon has black wheels rather than his classic blue wheels that he is supposed to have. R8850 Thomas at the Spring Fair Redesigned in 2013 and 2015. Includes Salty, Cargo Car with pipe cargo, and Oil Tanker. 2 Talking Engines/Vehicles Includes decorated Thomas and Cargo Car with light up jack-o'lanterns. Kmart exclusive. Percy's Penguin Adventure Holiday Thomas R9841 Although many models took a drastic re-design, models such as Bertie, Harold, Butch and Captain did not receive a re-work, as it was not necessary to re-construct their models. Freddie's model has unpainted cylinders and no back cab detail. Y2916 The Storybook Car's prototype had gold magnets. Stafford's prototype had no number or nameplate. Redesigned in 2015. R8857 2010 R9476 V1299 Redesigned in 2013 and 2015. Whiff's Banana Blooper, Stanley's Construction Clash and Bash's Tree Tumble are all promoted as part of the. R8846 R8846 2014 BCW90 His tender is also made of plastic instead of metal. Ben R9463 Gator's, Ryan's and Porter's 2015 models have black bufferbeams/footplates instead of red ones. Diesel's Double Delivery Die-Cast 2010 2011 R8852 2014 Includes dirty Stephen with old funnel, Cargo Car with treasure chest, and Cargo Car with horse statue. Features Thomas and Diesel; Toys R Us exclusive Ryan, Skiff, Mike and Rex's promo pictures feature a pseudo-CGI image instead of their proper CGI models. This is the only special to receive a UK Blu-ray release. Scruff The models were also made out of a cheaper metal. Marion 2015 Hank's models do not have front couplers despite that his television series model does. V9046 DLR77 Individual release. 2011 Dennis Talking James R9615 2011 The set 'Skarloey at the Wharf' is a re-coloured version of 'The Sodor Dieselworks' playset, with Skarloey. V8294 Includes Edward and Cargo Cars with Jobi tree sections. 2010 2010 Redesigned in 2014 and 2015. Includes rubbish covered Percy, Whiff, and Scruff, and Cargo Car with rubbish cargo. X7371 Flora's prototype model has a yellow roof instead of a black one. Y3272 2015 R8852 Redesigned in 2013 and 2014. Features spinning cement barrel. Colin at the Wharf Charlie and the Aquarium The 2013 re-designed model gained the correct 2-2-4 wheel arrangement. BCW91 2012 Thomas 2014 His tender is backwards. Stephen V6844 V8979 Browse our inventory of new and used BOBCAT Construction Equipment For Sale near you at He has buffers at the back of his cab above the magnet. Arthur 2015 Y2907 Overview R8863 Talking Salty 2016 The second re-design was the biggest change in Take-n-Play's history. Speedy Launching Engines Target exclusive. Original Release Year Engines who have not yet appeared or are unlikely to appear in the CGI series are given a pseudo-CGI look on the packaging (although Ryan, Skiff, Mike and Rex have the same pseudo CGI illustrations despite being in the television series). 2010 Rumbling Gold Mine Run Samson Farm Animal Car 2015 R9471 2014 This re-design is the current design for the Take-n-Play range to date. Racing Vinnie 2010 Amazon exclusive. Mighty Mac 2010 Notes Redesigned in 2013 and 2014. R8857 2014 DGF82 W3480 Track Packs Includes Thomas DGF46 BFW73 This is also the only appearance of Sidney in the Nitrogen era. Crocodile Special Talking Diesel's Fuel and Freight Delivery Includes Thomas, Percy, Diesel, Dash, Victor, Winston, Bertie (replaced with Duncan in 2015), Harold, Kevin, and Captain. 2015 A prototype drawing shows that Sir Handel was going to be included in the Tidmouth Tunnel Starter Set. From their 2013 re-design, Edward, Henry and James gained lamp irons; however they are not painted. 2010 2010 T4198 Features Percy Original Release Year V8628 Pull 'n' Zoom Engines R9461 Includes Thomas; reissued in 2013 Belle's initial and 2013 models have the most wheels of any engine. BHP78 Asst. 2016 2010 Includes Gordon with diesel buffer and Cargo Car with rattling engine parts. Peter Sam 2013 Spencer's Heavy Haul R8846 (includes: Thomas and a DVD featuring the episodes, The Early Bird and Slippy Sodor) Merrick was to be included in graphic form in Spiral Tower Tracks with Diesel but was removed for unknown reasons. R9617 BFW76 R8852 Features Thomas with detachable log covered in snakes. Thomas & Friends in 4-D: Bubbling Boilers, Includes Hank, Cargo Car with boat, and Cargo Car with fish cargo. Notes Amazon exclusive. V8293 4.1 2015 Some models that were released with the new magnet system have fully painted buffers on their fronts but unpainted buffers on their rear or tender. Talking Stephen Repaint of Take-Along's Magic Cargo Car. Rocky The packaging for Ben's Cement Mix-Up says "As Seen on DVD" with Tale of the Brave shown, however that situation does not happen at all in that special. R8846 V0431 W3222 So far, three characters exclusive to the Railway Series have been produced: D199, Culdee and Big City Engine. Lake Levee Repair W3482 Item Number (new magnets) The second change occurred from mid-2014, when numerous models were again re-designed with complete re-works to their overall appearance including: their wheel configuration, height, length and overall detailing.

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