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I also have a klipsch sub10 and when that is running with the F3 it gives out a lot of bass. mid-range is clean and the highs are crisp. Pre-Owned. the f3 require a large room mine is 500 sq.ft. Wow, the speakers are just amazing. The sound is crisp and clean. At first I didn't really want to pay that much money for some speakers but I had the money so I figured why not. With so many positive reviews, I guess you have nothing to lose if you gave them a try. I bought these speakers in the summer of 07 and let me tell you, they will not dissappoint, in any way!!! Whether it is classic rock or action movies, you will be blown away (and so will your neighbors) after hooking these speakers up. I got my 2 of these speakers. My girlfriend wanted to see how far the sound carried. Use quality speaker wire with them though. The F-3 offers bi-wire capabilities allowing the use of one or two speaker level inputs as desired for improved connectivity. I'm sooo happy that I bought these. I am definitely pleased with the speaker, but have to buy another one to match it to complete my set up. :-), Well if you're looking at this you obviously have some idea of what a good speaker is (i.e. (# 90602071210) Product Support ». Speaker wires are important - 14' or 16' only. it was time to "upgrade" as my speakers had 0,000's of hours on them. I can hear every sound as clear as day. With over 60 years of legendary performance and design expertise in Home Audio, Home Theater and Professional Cinema, Klipsch knows how to … Exclusive 6.5-inch square Tractrix® Horn. They have incredible sound, can handle any amp out there today, and rock in stereo mode, or movie surround modes!!! Even when you raise the volume real high there is no distortion. The patented horn design makes for seamless surround sound when paired with the S-3s and the C-3. I bought the 12" Klipsch sub to go with the rest of my system, but had to wait a few days for it to get in. $350.00. Previously had the Klipsch SL (5 Spks) and their 12 in Synergy Sub. graphic equalizer. Pre-Owned. The ultimate in Synergy Series performance, the F-300 floorstanding speaker features an aluminum diaphragm compression driver and dual 8” copper IMG woofers to fill the room with sound. Distortion is non-existant, and I've cranked my reciever to 11 just to test them. Sold that system for $500 and picked up the following system used in excellent condition for $750. $374.99 + shipping . Data Security Incident Notification - Click Here. This third generation Synergy center channel benefits from more than 55 years of Klipsch engineering experience and aesthetic upgrades that are representative of a new quality of craftsmanship. I am truly impressed with these. They are shallower than my TV stand, so they I can line them up flush with the front of my TV. It also features a custom sculpted port that is located on the front baffle near the floor for intense low-frequency extension. You can definitely feel it in your chest when you turn them up. The thing that I love about these is their ability to play as loud as you could possibly demand. I have had my old ones since shortly after high school (20+ years). A subwoofer helps, but is not nessesary especially if you are purchasing these mainly for music. the F3's are a fanastic value for the money. Also the horn tweeters in these are much better than other klipsch tweeters I have heard. i've owned a pair of Klipsch KG 4.5's for 11 years. We've played around with Klipsch in the past, even including the speakers in our most recent tower speaker shootout, and honestly they did really well. It offers a winning combination of powerful bass with remarkable detail and high volumes with low distortion making it a perfect delivery source for today's advanced digital music formats. If you want to do surround sound, you need the sub because there isn't enough bass there without one. I purchased these speakers on sale at the advice of a friend. Don't miss out on these speakers if you love to hear every sound and affect. My friend owns these same speakers and he demoed them for me and I was blown away by their crisp and clear sound even at high volumes. Great for music too, not just movies. $169.00. With its grille on the F-3 offers a sense of elegance that nicely blends in with your home décor but take the grille off and you get an aggressive and powerful statement that exudes extreme performance. or Best Offer. Klipsch Synergy Black Label Sub-120 Subwoofer with Spun Copper Front-Firing Cerametallic Woofers and a 12-inch, Front-Firing Driver 4.6 out of 5 stars 47 1 offer from $848.99 PURCHASED THESE WITH A DENON RECEIVER AND THE KLIPSCH 10" SUB A YEAR AGO AND WOW..WHAT AN AMAZING SOUND....JUST LIKE THE BEST BUY SHOW ROOM. Great asset to own (or start your home theater with). great purchase. It was possibly the best money ever spent. The bi-wire capable binding posts are a nice touch, but to be honest, you won't notice a difference. There is no loss of sound with this speakers. $230.00 + shipping . I have been thinking about buying new speakers for a while. I seriously cannot turn these past 50. i've had several different brands of sreakers polk audio the worst. $158.50. And if you really wanna feel your heart stop beating get the Klipsh 15" woofer. PS: It's good for waking the neighbors up. Watch; Klipsch Synergy F3 Tower Speakers. JBL puts the woofers in the speakers to call it three-way, but if you have a sub, this is not necessary. You will not be disapointed by these sound powerhouses. Klipsch Icon KF-28 Dual 8" 2-Way Floorstanding Speakers - 2 Speaker Pair Set. There was one left over because they ordered an odd number of them. These speakers are amazing. This third generation Synergy floorstander benefits from more than 55 years of Klipsch … Of course, so is Bose, so it begs the question: Is a new Klipsch Synergy Series F-30 Home Theater Speaker System really something to get excited about, or not? $70.00. For music, these will make you feel like you're at the concert. I WAS REALLY AMAZED AT THE SOUND FROM THESE KLIPSCH F-3 SPEAKERS I FOUND THEM ON E-BAY. Local pick up available. this product is a sure buy, These are the most crisp, most hair raising speakers I have seen in a very long time. the room is VERY condusive to sound. Klipsch F-3 Synergy FloorStanding Loudspeaker (Single, Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) it looks and sounds almost perfect in every detail, One great thing about the Klipsch is how they are made. bought these awhile back to finish my 3rd tier klipsch synergy set...running it with onkyo's 805....and a definitive reference sub...the entire set sounds amazing at high volumes and great at low volumes..i would highly recommend these speakers to anyone..just make sure you have the juice to push them!! Klipsch Synergy F-3 Floorstanding 2 floor Speakers - tested works local pick up. Put two F-3's in your theater room and prepare to be amazed! Klipsch Synergy F-1 Floorstanding Loudspeakers Reviewed. This third generation Synergy floorstander benefits from more than 55 years of Klipsch engineering experience and aesthetic upgrades that are representative of a new quality of craftsmanship. So she turned them to 50 and I drove 3 blocks away. One great thing about the Klipsch is how they are made. I bought one of these speakers at my local bestbuy last week. You won't go wrong. (# 1068365) Per Pair. The speakers are much bigger than what I was used to, but are not obtrusive by any means. Because it wraps technical superiority and eye-catching cosmetics into one affordable package the F-3 easily represents the world's greatest value in high-performance home entertainment. KLIPSCH SYNERGY F-3 FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS. It offers a winning combination of powerful bass with remarkable detail and high volumes with low distortion making it a perfect delivery source for today's advanced digital music formats. A lot of nights are now spent listening to music on the new speakers instead of TV. $24.04 shipping. Klipsch is everywhere. Front baffle near the floor for intense low-frequency extension. wire, but went to 16ga. Free local pickup. SO, the Klipsch F3 synergy was like 2k or less, this new set of 4200 ir like 2500 or so, and if i go with the 6300 its like almost 4k. I use a 500W Yamaha reciever to power these speakers, and they sound phenomenal. $329.95. the hair did stand up on the back of neck and my ears are ringing.....LOL. So they told me to make them an offer on the speaker. I made an offer and they took it and I can not be any more happy with the price that I paid for the speaker and the performance of it. I have mine paired with an M&K subwoofer, so the lows have become much more powerful. Klipsch - Synergy F3 - Large floorstanding speakers Optisch goed tot redelijk, technisch 100% - Number of items: 2 - Including: Large floorstanding speakers - No extra's These are really big speakers [109 x 40 x 24 cm (H x D x W)]. $249.99 + shipping . While these speakers aren't going to rattle your house off the foundation like that sub will, they provide more than enough bass response to keep you happy. this is my second pair of Klipsch speakers and I plan on buying the a few more to fill out my home theater. And they will go up to 75 with no distortion unless it has TONS of bass. Pair Klipsch Synergy B2 Bookshelf Stereo Speakers Quality Sound. (17) 17 product ratings - New Klipsch KHO-7 Synergy Series 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Pair - White. These sound amazing and even though they are two-way vs. JBL's three-way design, they do not miss any part of the spectrum. THIS IS DEFINITLY A GOOD INVESTMENT. The F-3 gets all its performance thrills by employing dual 8-inch IMG woofers and a 1-inch aluminum-dome compression driver coupled to an exclusive 6.5-inch square Tractrix® Horn. The highs are what really blow me away with these speakers. I have never heard these distort, but my ears may have been impaired at the time. Well, it was time for an upgrade, damn it. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. After purchasing, playing music and movies with surround sound (especially action) is a whole new experience. I got mine on Black Friday (Wink.). Two of these may be enough for you to get rocked. Any input appreciated. Put two F-3's in your theater room and prepare to be amazed! None of the speakers that are better will cost anywhere near as low as Klipsches. The Klipsch Synergy F-30 is designed to be the Home Theater center piece for uncompromising music and film-lovers. Bottom line is , i'm being told sooo many diffeent things. Klipsch - Synergy III 8" 2-Way Dual-Woofer Floorstanding Speaker (Each) - Black/Titanium Color. It is great value for your money, but wait to get it on a sale (about $300/speaker). The speaker covers are in good condition. I went from a Panasonic DVD 5.1 Home Theater system to a dedicated audio surround. See pictures for more details. The ultimate in Synergy Series performance, the F-300 is, hands down, the best sounding tower speaker you'll find at such an affordable price. the space the speakers are in contain: natural wood floors (with a one area rug), a wood ceiling (beams exposed) and plaster board walls. a couple days later and there was a noticable difference in the upper and lower frequencies. I thought about going with the Synergy II but then I figured I would regret it my whole life for not going as big as I could. Watch; Klipsch Synergy F3 Floorstander Pair Of Speakers Black 150 Watts Tested. Start building your dream home theater with the Klipsch Synergy Black Label F-300 3.1 home theater system. Vintage Miller & Kreisel Satellite-I Speaker set MK M&K Sound. Klipsch is one of the US's most storied and reputable loudspeaker brands and throughout the … NO NEED TO PURCHASE ANYTHING MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE F2s. The difference in the sound has been incredible. Klipsch Synergy F-3 Floorstanding floor Speakers - tested works . Dual 8-inch IMG woofers. They are incredibly well built, the sound they produce is amazing, and they are so loud I haven't gone past half volume because I am scared my head might explode. For information on the latest Synergy series, please click here. For the money and the amount of sound you can get out of them, there is no better value. Item: Klipsch Synergy F3 Floor standing speakers Location: Point Cook, Melbourne, Victoria Price: 450 Item Condition: Used (good condition) Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures: Edited August 3, … Lost in Long Island (Yes a pun on the Movie) Buy them, you will not regret your purchase!!! Magnetically Shielded The magnetically-shielded Klipsch Synergy F-3 can be put at any proximity to display devices such as TVs and LCD monitors without loss of sound quality caused by interference. Klipsch Synergy F-3 Speaker overview and full product specs on CNET. Pre-Owned. It is a nice 2 channel speaker if thats all you want. We have 2 of these speakers in our media room and it is a pretty good size room, but these blow the roof off the house.

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