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It was a very professional and well conducted video interview process that involved a series of questions a lot of which related to the specific job role with less of a focus on general competencies. ? See all 99. What do you think you’ll be doing on a day to day basis? or If I am successful what is the next stage? The Lloyds Banking Group 2020 - 2021 graduate campaign is now live. We’re Lidl, proud pioneers in the world of By this stage you should already have done extensive research about Santander, and the specific role you applied to, so expect to talk about reasons you want to join the company, what you could bring to the team, your long term career goals, etc. They are likely to involve some competency-based questions, as well as motivational and technical questions. Upvote 1. 6 answers. The process took 3 weeks. ...but you won’t be getting it anytime soon. Questions? The assessment data includes an overall suitability fit score and profile breakdown by competency for each candidate; this enables Santander to identify the most suitable … Second-lockdown? Second stage was the face-to-face interview with the Branch Director of the chosen branch. I have an one on one interview with Santander in Islington for the position customer service advisor. How did working as a group work towards meeting the target/aim? Following this, a logical reasoning test, followed by 1:1 competency based questions. Give an example of a time where you have dealt with a customer complaint? 17 November 2020: Tips and Questions for a Santander Interview. ... 10 years ago. Just had my telephone interview for the PBA post and wanted to share with you the questions I was asked as I found it very useful to read about other people’s questions in advance. Also ask alot of questions and dont be afraid to have a normal non interview related conversation with the assessors Give an example of when you have failed to meet a target/deadline on time? Give an example of when you had a challenging task but still managed to accomplish it?, Build your brand which is build yourself. Answer See 27 answers. Candidates need to complete an online application form as the first stage of the recruitment process. Where only three competency based questions were asked this went successfully and I was invited to the assessment day. Interview. Skills learnt (for each example)? If at all. don’t like to stand still. I had my telephone interview yesterday and after researching and preparing my self with 21 Q&A’s I managed to answer all questions in full. Expect Q&A session at the end. Graduate Schemes Open for Applications - October 2020,, What do you think you would be doing on a day to day basis? I was told I would hear back in 2-3 days and half an hour later I had an e-mail to say I had been successful in the Interview and I will be contacted in regards to the next stage. Keep the company values in mind at all times as you will be supervised and watched even when not in a formal interview setting. STAR is an acronym of the four stages needed to answer a typical interview question. I interviewed at Santander. Over the past few days there have…, Bored? Motivation Questions Why financial sector? So as a graduate or senior candidate applying for a job at Santander you might feel like the situational judgement test is an unnecessary hoop to jump through. Describe a time when I had to make my own decisions and use my own initiative without supervision. I applied through a recruiter. Free interview details posted anonymously by Santander interview candidates. Lloyds are currently recruiting into six separate graduate programmes - Banking and Retail as you…. I did notice you spelt whether in the wrong context of weather, so you might want to brush up on your spelling skills before you move forward to the common verbal reasoning tests. Why corporate banking? Second part was about competency based questions including: Finally I was given the chance to ask them any questions and I took bodydy’s direct advise on that one so thank you! The format of the day will be as follows: 1. Their answer was virtually the same… They said 2 or 3 days but allow a whole week. - It is vital you ask a question to seem interested and keen. Describe a time when I had contributed with new ideas in order to improve the team performance (and they asked me specifically about the ideas I came up with! What markets does Santander operate in? The process took 4+ weeks. UBS interviewers are known to ask competency-based questions to find out if you have developed a required skill through hands-on experience. Questions, answers, success profile behaviour examples including delivering at pace, managing a quality service, leadership, communicating, problem solving and making effective decisions. 99 questions about working at Santander. Expect Q&A session at the end. Why the financial sector? Tell me about a time when you had to make an important decision ? Questions about rights at work! There were 7 questions, all motivation/competency based. Just did the video interview. For some advanced help (great answers to twenty most common interview questions for personal bankers–multiple answers to each question, sample role plays with answers, etc), have a look at an eBook called Personal Banker Interview Guide, from Jack Groner, interview coach and former interviewer at some of the biggest banks. Rate your interview and receive a £5 Amazon voucher. So glad to be able to help one another. A competency based interview 2. List of Competency Interview Questions . Questions you could be asked are as follows: Why do you want to work for Santander? 8 matching questions. Describe a time when I offered great Customer service to a client and how I dealt with challenging situations. 30 October 2020: There was a group task then a presentation in a topic they gave before hand and then a one to one interview. what was the outcome? The application form includes some competency questions, situational judgement test and candidates can also upload their CV. Asked August 13, 2016. It started off with a presentation about Santander, followed by an ice breaker and then a numerical and data accuracy test. Spacious area with refreshments, allows for free roaming. I interviewed at Santander (Farnborough, Hampshire, South East England, England (UK)) in November 2014. I can't remember the questions exactly but brush up on motivations like why Santander and why this specific field. What is good customer service? Interview. ... Nearly always competency based for S1 and S2 roles. Questions for interview: Interview questions: Please help with Self employed questions: Cosmetic company. Energetic and must have great attitude. 2021 guide to competency based interviews. We're pros at this…. 28 They started by asking why I am leaving my current role? Interview. Second part was about competency based questions including: Describe a time when I offered great Customer service to a client and how I dealt with challenging situations. Lighthearted ways to deal with that precious indoor time. To find out how well you work with others, interviewers might ask something along the lines of: ‘Tell me about a team project that you worked on’. Once I completed the online assessment I received a phone call from the recruitment team and booked i for a phone interview. Fast track application sent in November and had assessment centre in February. Santander Online Application. What is the interview process like at Santander?, So as a graduate or senior candidate applying for a job at Santander you might feel like the numerical reasoning test is an unnecessary hoop to jump through. I applied online. Asked 18 March 2017 Examples of managing risk, exceptional customer service, time management, … Answered 6 July 2018 - Credit Recovery Technician (Former employee) - Lisbon. Through the TalentLink integration, Santander can also access the candidates’ assessment results. Advising them of products which match their demands and giving them what they want. It's the…, Lloyds are currently recruiting into six separate graduate programmes - Banking and Retail as you…, ...but you won’t be getting it anytime soon. Credit analysts are generally employed by banks, credit card companies, rating agencies, and Investment Companies. Competency Questions Tell me a time you’ve delivered exceptional customer service? Complete an idea in FinTech challenge #youwritewhatsnext presentation, and present it to a panel on the day, the idea is technology based and used at a bank or financial institute. Investment Banking ... Commerzbank, or Santander. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Santander Telephone Interview - Competency Based. Basic questions regarding the loan experience , organizational skills, willingness to bring the business. Customer support and determination to work. The rest is all going to have to be answered with your own experiences, if you dont have relevant ones contruct your own but remember what they are looking for and that they will always ask questions like… how did this make you feel? Thank you Boydy1 for your detailed Q & A for Santander Telephone interview. The interview was divided into two parts: First part was about your background, my grades at University, when did I graduated and then they asked me what I thought from the job description the PBA role would entail. October is traditionally one of the busiest months in the graduate recruitment calendar. Why are these goals important to you? The process took 2+ months. October is traditionally one of the busiest months in the graduate recruitment calendar. Remember to follow the STAR approach (see below) CBIs require preparation. I interviewed at Santander in October 2019. Interview. 11 Santander Gerente interview questions and 16 interview reviews. Hi i have a Competency and role play based phone interview on Friday. There are normally three competency questions that have a 1500 word limit for you to answer to the best of your ability. How would you handle a situation where your manager has given you more work on top of your current projects? Second-lockdown? -, Give an example of when you have given good customer service? Interview. We have graduate and undergraduate opportunities in Actuarial, Audit, What questions did they ask during your interview at Santander? What does good customer service mean too you? … Credit analysts facilitate credit risk management by measuring the creditworthiness of the individual or a firm. What is the interview process like at Santander? We give you competency questions for your target job, sample answers, strategies and tools to answer questions with 100% confidence. Answered November 16, 2019. We're pros at this…, Barclaycard – Payment Specialist (Field Sales), Tax Graduate Trainee (Specialist) - Nationwide, Graduate Schemes - Financial Management and Internal Audit. Here are 10 ideas for lock-down 2.0,, They gave me the scenario where a Customer Services Agent colleague did not provide me with the right references with a client, what would I do? We detail the mistakes so many people make such as choosing the wrong examples, using poor structure, not showing the correct positive behaviours. Favourite answer. Following this format is especially recommended for competency based interviews, where you will need to demonstrate particular competencies such as teamwork, organisation and leadership to your interviewer by drawing upon your previous experience. Ranked Following this, a logical reasoning test, followed by 1:1 competency based questions.

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